What is Rastra?


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Creative Construction with Rastra®

What is Rastra®?

Rastra® is an insulated concrete form system made in the United States of a lightweight material ThastyronTM, a mixture of recycled foam plastic, and a cementitious binder.   The excellent physical properties of ThastyronTM combined with the structural integrity of the concrete grid and its flexibility makes Rastra® the best building product on the market. provides a permanent framework for a grid of reinforced concrete to form load-bearing walls, shear walls, stem walls, lintels, retaining walls, and other components of a building. Rastra® is so strong that it can withstand hurricanes, tornados, fires, termites and rodents - and it does not mold.  Rastra® provides outstanding sound and temperature insulation.  Utility bills may be reduced by 50%.

Unfinished Rastra Fireplace
Unfinished Rastra® Fireplace

See pictures of a completed house built with Rastra®.
See pictures of a Rastra house under construction - winter 2002-2003.
2004 pictures of a Rastra house under construction.
2005 pictures of a Rastra house completed in the Autumn, 2004
2005 pictures of a Rastra house completed in the Winter, 2004 - 2005

® has been used in all environments from the Austrian Alps to the Saudi Arabian Desert, to the humid climate of Southeast Asia for more than 30 years.

ThastyronTM offers the ultimate in properties for a wall, such as insulation, soundproofing, fire protection, all in one easy-to-install element. ThastyronTM also is resistant against frost and heat radiation. It does not entertain mold or attract nesting insects. 85% of its volume is recycled post-consumer polystyrene waste which very likely would have ended up in landfills never to disappear.

Concrete poured into the cavities of the elements provides excellent strength. The channels inside the elements have been designed to provide optimum strength while using the lowest possible amount of concrete. The square grid allows use of the elements either vertically or horizontally, maintaining the grid and the runways for reinforcement. By using different strengths of concrete and various amounts of reinforcement, the load capacity can be adapted to any requirement.

Two Elements make a Complete System!

The Standard element has an area of 12.5 sq ft and is generally used for walls; the End element is used for ending wall-sections, members of headers, sills and corners. Rastra® elements can be easily cut, rasped, routed or even carved into sculpture-like forms, using common tools for working with wood. Plaster adheres well to the face of Rastra® elements without any preparation, tiles can be glued right onto the surface.

Production Standard

The Rastra® elements are produced in state-of-the-art facilities. All plants are highly automated and the process is computer controlled. Strict quality control is maintained and continuously monitored as well as audited by independent laboratories.

Rastra® elements are molded in a special process. The spongy raw material used to make ThastyronTM is compacted by applying a certain amount of pressure before elements are set upon a pallet for curing.

The Rastra® elements are cut to exact dimension after they have been cured. This guarantees small tolerances and straight and even walls. Even the production process is designed to protect our environment. As no energy is used to cure the elements, on average less than 2kWh is needed to produce each Rastra® element. During production, no byproducts are set free which may be considered a burden for the environment. All debris from trimming the elements is immediately recycled and made into new product.

For the high quality, cost efficient construction that you desire, Rastra® is the ideal building system! Please contact Tile-Tec for more information, creative ideas, and quotes: (607) 844-4023 . For more information online visit  www.Rastra.com


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